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The River Told Me…Water & the Landscape exhibit at Make Space Open Studios 2015

 A landscape photography display on the theme of water in the landscape is my contribution to Make Space Open Studios 2015 at Waterloo, as 50+ artists open up their working homes to the public.

Tologa Bay, NZ © Michael Wharley Photography 2015

Tologa Bay, NZ © Michael Wharley Photography 2015

The Open Studios is a free-to-enter chance to visit Make Space, a unique and buzzing artists’ community perched beside the tracks at Waterloo, close to Lambeth North Tube and Lower Marsh.

Make Space Studios Open Studios 2014

Make Space Studios Open Studios

The event showcases the diverse creativity of over 50 fellow residents, featuring some truly world-class talents.

Whether it’s theatre designers & directors like Ultz or Warhorse Puppet-maker Toby Olie, fashion darlings Teatum Jones, illustrators like Telegraph Cartoonist Patrick Blower, renowned print designers like Lisa King, stationery queen Katie Leamon or any kind of artist, ceramicist, potter, glass-maker, film-maker you could imagine. As the press release says:

“Join us this summer as we open up our studios and eclectic space in Waterloo. it’s your rare chance to meet our artists and designers, take part in workshops, watch dance, listen to music and celebrate our inspirational creative community.”

There’ll also be a pop-up vintage shop, and the Make Space Map Art Raffle, a chance to win artworks by studio artists.

The River Told Me….

© Michael Wharley Photography 2015

© Michael Wharley Photography 2015

This year, I’m exhibiting some large-scale prints of my landscape photography, with this collection predominantly taken over several trips to New Zealand.

The River Told Me… is a series of photos that all consider of water in the landscape, whether it’s a glacier-top, melt-water waterfall, a surging braided-river system, a storm-wracked beach, or a quiet, misty scene where the land and sea merge.

© Michael Wharley Photography 2015

© Michael Wharley Photography 2015

And because the trail of ice or water is left so clearly on the land – especially in New Zealand – the photos can’t but help show how it has been shaped by those forces.

Or at least, that’s what I see; hence the title…

There are nearly 20 prints, some of them pretty enormous, and it’s been a real pleasure working with the chaps at Photofusion and Frames Express getting them ready to exhibit.

Hope to see you this weekend!

09/06/2015 MW

[important]The Open Studios:

Makespace Studios: www.makespacestudios.com

  • Thursday 11th: 6-9pm: Private view
  • Saturday 13th: midday onwards: Open to the public
  • Sunday 14th: midday onwards: Open to the public

Location: Makespace Studios, Newnham Terrace, Waterloo, SE1 7DR.

Travel: 30 secs from Lambeth North on Bakerloo Line, close to Waterloo on underground and various mainlines. Many, many buses! Walk from Lower Marsh.,, the Cut or the Old Vic in less than 5 minutes.[/important]


Whats on…


Help decorate a studio door with Sarah Fosse in studio 5

Ceramic transfers workshop with Camilla from CWC Ceramics head to studio 18 – Ceramic transfers are a fun way to add decoration to a plate, mug or tile.

Portrait sketching demonstration with Helen Campbell in Studio 13 from 2-5pm, Saturday & Sunday.

Taster Workshop- Performing in masks

With actors from Chris Vervain Theatre co.

2.00-2.45, Saturday

Come and see what it’s like to become someone completely different!

This fun workshop is free and open to everyone from 5 years old- 90+.


Creation Box London will perform ‘The reason I fly’ at 1.30pm and 4.30pm Saturday & Sunday.


Short feature films showing in The Creation Box London, Saturday & Sunday.


Make Space Music Stage, Saturday

Eliseo 3pm, Alex Pope 3.30pm, Darren Clark 4pm, Joanne Postlewaite 4.30pm, Anatol Just 5pm, Morisson Ford & Waggaman 6pm


Grab a quirky vintage bargain at Raid, pop up market stall by Creation Box London

Make Space Map Art Raffle

Visit the 6 studios marked on the map to enter into our art raffle. Pick up your flyer at the entrance and get your stamp from each 6 artists in their studios, fill in your details and drop it off in our competition box for your chance to win.




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