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Choosing a Headshot Photographer; what should actors consider?

Another in my ‘Take Control of our Headshots’ video series, looking at what to consider when you’re deciding which photographer should shoot your next headshots.


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When the time comes to choose a headshot photographer, the possibilities can be bewildering …

There are hundreds of us  in the UK, but which is the right one for you, who is any good, and can you risk that £50 cheap session to fill a gap?

Well, it’s down to personal taste as much as anything, but  I run through the factors I think are worth considering when you’re deciding who’s going to take your next set of  shots.

Including: price, session length, colour vs B&W, natural light vs studio light, and much more…

Here, I’m looking at the factors I think it’s worth considering when you’re choosing your photographer:

– Session length: how long should your session be?
– How much should you pay: what’s a fair price, and what do you get, in the UK market?
– Colour vs B&W: which is better?
– Natural Light vs Studio light: what will you get working with photographers in different sorts of light?
– Are the photos any good? Using the simple Catchlight Test to help you decide.
– Should you work with a headshot specialist?

The links mentioned in the video are:

– Blog piece comparing headshot photographgers:


– List of UK headshot photographers at Casting Call Pro:


– New search and comparison tool, Headshot Hunter:


Hope you find it useful, and thanks for watching!

15/07/2015 MW

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