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How to Pose for Actors Headshots: 9 Pro Tips

Terrified before your actor headshot shoot? Don’t be! The next in my ‘Take Control of our Headshots’ video series, looks at how to relax and ‘act’ yourself for stills.

Watch 'How to Pose for Actors Headshots'

Watch ‘How to Pose for Actors Headshots’


Terrified of the stills camera? Finding it hard to relax in your headshot shoots? Feel like you’re not sure how to use your acting skills in a photo session?

I think the skills that make a great actor on stage or screen are just as relevant to creating great headshots, so this practical video aims to help you relax, pose naturally & communicate more effectively with the stills camera in your next shoot.

What’s in the video?

Offering 9 simple tips, the video covers:

– You’re not doing it wrong.
– Knowing Your Face
– Making an Offer
– Staying Loose
– Posture
– Trusting Your Photographer
– Where to Look
– Communicating with Your Eyes
– Using Your Review Time

More broadly, my ‘Take Control of Your Headshots’ series, aims to give actors the tools, techniques, insights, & tactics to take control of their next headshot session, before, during & after the shoot.

Hope you find it useful, and thanks for watching!

01 06 2016 MW

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Credits: Filmed & edited by Sam Swainsbury, at the awesome Cut To: Showreels:



Music: ‘Funky People’ by John Landau & The Giants (with thanks to John Landau):


Buy the album: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/journey-through-the-dark/id371050626)



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