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Salon Selective! The Attitudes in the Photofusion Annual Member Show

Privileged & indeed proud to have an ‘The Attitudes‘ shot selected for the Photofusion Salon | 16 Members Exhibit


I trained at Photofusion on a film and darkroom course back in 2005/6, and I’ve been going there ever since for social events & training course, to use the darkrooms, digital printing facilities and more. I even helped out on a fantastic medium format community photography project for schools based on ‘The Wasteland’, in 20014.

Safe to say, then, I’m a (literally) card carrying, kool-aid-drenched member of what is an invaluable institution, not just in the Brixton community where it is based, but for the national, even international photography scene.

Salon the Brink

So, it’s always pleasure when the annual show rolls around, celebrating the range and diversity of work produced by members.

Given that punitive rent rises nearly forced Photofusion out his year, before a Kickstarter campaign, deft reorganisation plans from the staff and outcry from local politicians, community leaders and photographers from Rankin to Charlie Phillips, forced a rethink by the landlords, it seems especially pertinent to celebrate what was so nearly lost.

To quote the press release:

“One hundred and three artists will be featured in this year’s SALON. There are no categories or themes, the aim of Photofusion SALON is simply to showcase individual images that are powerful enough to stand alone in representation of a captivating story or concept.”

Giving it some Attitude

I submitted a selection of 5 shots from my ongoing project ‘The Attitudes‘, and was delighted (not to mention proud) that ‘Modern Threatening’ featuring actor Nicholas Pinnock, was selected for the show.

It’s also being used at the moment to promote the exhibit on the Photofusion website, as you can see from the screengrab above.

Looking forward to the launch party today, seeing my print on the wall, but more importantly, to checking out 102 other photographers’ work and relishing the diversity of this most vital of photo-institutions.

08/12/2016 MW

About the Salon

Photofusion Salon 16: http://www.photofusion.org/

Friday 9 December – 28 January 2017

Launch Party | Thursday 8 December 6.30pm to 9.30pm

About my work:

Michael Wharley www.michaelwharleyphoto.com

The Attitudes: http://michaelwharleyphoto.com/personal-work/the-attitudes/


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