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‘Act like an Agent, Think like a Casting Director’ at Surviving Actors 2017

Learn to ‘Act like an Agent, Think like a Casting Director’ in a special seminar, plus free Headshot Healthchecks, discounts & prizes to be won at Surviving Actors 2017.

This weekend – Saturday 4th Feb – I’m back at Surviving Actors for my 6th year. It’s a packed event featuring seminars, workshops and 1-2-1s, not to mention a trade hall full-to-bursting with publishers, casting software providers, voice coaches, showreel editors, and, yes, even photographers.

But more than that, it’s a vibrant, energy-packed day; you can see people leave filled with enthusiasm and ideas, reinvigorated and ready for what the year has to offer, after a January/winter slump. 

If you need more persuading, the vid above features me droning on a bit more about why I like it so much. And I have put my money where my mouth is and sponsored the last three London events.

‘Act like an Agent, Think like a Casting Director’

I’ve managed – thanks to the some very generous industry folk – to put together a seminar at 12.15pm featuring insights from top Casting Directors Ginny Schiller and Jane Frisby, plus agents Bill Petrie (BWH) and Marcus Ellard (Simon & How), who work across film, theatre, musical theatre and TV.

We’ll be discussing how the promotional resources actors pour their hard-earned cash into actually get used at the business end of things: by agents and casting directors. And we’ll be looking for practical advice to help you promote yourself better in 2017 and beyond.

Here’s the seminar in a nustshell

You’ve got great headshots. Your show-reel is polished. Your voice-reel sparkles. Your CV is fine-tuned. You can bang out a self-tape like it’s shot by a pro.

But how does your agent use that promotional arsenal? What really helps them secure you auditions?

And how do casting directors consume all those resources? What do they need to see when they are drawing up audition lists and casting work?

And how about the relationship between these essential partners in the casting process?

Crucially, what could you be doing better?

[Register for Surviving Actors]

Details: Saturday 4th Feb, 12.15pm

 Headshot Advice Session and more on my stand…

As one of the event sponsors, I’ll be exhibiting all day with my team in the main hall, so do drop by for:

  • Free Headshot Healthchecks: impartial feedback on your portfolio from a industry expert.
  • ‘Everyone’s a Student’ discount vouchers on headshot sessions.
  • Prize Draw. Someone’s got to win the lovely prizes, it could be you!
  • Catch your breath, have a chat, and grab a sweet. Everyone needs a sugar boost between seminars!

I’ll look forward to meeting you!

30/01/2017 MW

Where & When

Saturday 4th February 2016: 10am – 5pm.
The Radisson Blu Portman Hotel, 22 Portman Square, London, W1H 7BG
Free entry – Register for your free entry e-ticket


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