Feb 10

Does my bump look big in this? Taking Prevenge….

Getting distinctly non-broody with ace writer-director-star Alice Lowe shooting poster imagery for dark horror-comedy-thriller PREVENGE, out in cinemas today…

Alice Lowe, shot by Michael Wharley for Kaleidoscope Film Distribution

Alice Lowe, shot by me for Kaleidoscope Film Distribution

Had a blast of (slightly creepy) shoot with writer, director and star of new dark, surreal psycho, horror comedy thriller PREVENGE, just before Christmas, thanks to my old friends at Kaleidoscope Film Distribution.

It’s out in cinemas today, 10th Feb, and I’ll expand this blog to look behind the scenes on the shoot, because it presented some interesting technical challenges and made us get pretty inventive.

In the meantime, get on down to cinemas to support what is a brilliantly unusual, slightly genre-defying British flick from a formidable talent.

A talent who managed to wear all three hats on the film while actually being heavily pregnant… Spoiler alert though, that’s a fake bump in the poster..

But don’t just take my word for it, check out what Peter Bradshaw had to say in the Guardian…

10/02/2017 MW

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