Feb 10

We Survived Actors, did you….

Having a headshots-casting-director-seminar-prize-draw-discount-voucher-sweet-fuelled blast at Surviving Actors 2017…..

Team Wharley at Surviving Actors 2017

The team at Surviving Actors 2017

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you were at the event, so hope you had a great Surviving Actors 2017. It was another brilliant day for us meeting friends, past clients and new faces.

And overdosing on Swizzels lollies.

If you missed it, there were some fascinating insights on my ‘Act Like an Agent, Think Like a Casting Director’ seminar with casters Ginny Schiller & Jane Frisby, and agents Bill Petrie (BWH) and Marcus Ellard (Simon & How).

As well as covering some more basic points (tweeted opposite), we were able to drill down into the relationship between casting director and agent during the casting of a project.

Exactly how an agent follows up a submission to  advocate for a client; how a casting director manages an offline sense of up to 7,000 actors beyond anything that happens online, and whether self-tapes might mean the end of showreels (spoiler alert: not quite yet!)

Beyond all of that, we explored exactly how and at what point during casting the promo resources actor spend their hard-earned money on are used and useful.


Oh, and  PRIZES…

The Theatre Vouchers prize draw was picked today at random. Congrats to the winners:

£50 vouchers: Acushla-Tara Kupe
£25 vouchers: Ed Cooper



9 Pro Posing Tips to help lose the fear factor.

Featured in the show programme, my ‘Act Your Way to Better Headshots’ piece was aimed at anyone who’s ever struggled relax in a headshot shoot, or found it hard to translate confidence as a performer into posing on camera.

These 9 simple tips aim to help to chill out, pose naturally and use your acting skills to communicate more effectively in the stills medium.

Check it out at the link How to Pose for Actors Headshots: 9 Pro Tips


Look forward to seeing you next year for another fantastic event.

10/02/2017 MW

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