Jun 26

Advocating Better Headshot Prep for Kelle Bryan & AA

Popping up with some headshot advice in Kelle Bryan’s Advocate Agency quarterly magazine…

I’ve shot a fair few clients for Kelle Bryan‘s Advocate Agency over the last few years, and Kelle always provides really clear guidance for her actors about how she wants them to sell themselves. In turn that makes our shoots detailed, specific and highly productive.

So, it wasn’t surprising when she asked if I’d be interviewed for the agency magazine on the topic of ‘how to prepare for your headshots’, to share ┬ásuch ideas to a broader pool than simply the actors who come to work with me.

The edition just came out (READ IT HERE), with a wealth of stuff alongside my interview, including a feature on the work and insights of The Stage careers adviser John Byrne.


There’s hopefully a lot of useful information, but a pertinent thought that stuck out as I read it back today was:


26/06/2017 MW

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