Sep 14

Dress to Impress: simple clothing tips for actors headshots

Don’t take your whole wardrobe! Use clothing choices to control your image in the next in my ‘Take Control of Your Headshots’ series.

What to wear for Actors Headshots with Michael Wharley

Watch the video at the link, or below.

The next in my ‘Take Control of Your Headshots’ series looks at the age-old, agony-inducing issue of what the hell to wear for your shoot.

This is a fairly subjective area so many opinions are available, but I’ve tried to corral some pithy, practical tips for helping you make the most of your next shoot, whilst not taking along every piece of clothing you own.

What’s in the video;


We begin with four general rules:

– The clue is in the name…

– Mind the crop…

– Normal rules apply…

– It’s not just your clothes….

And then, discuss the areas I encourage my clients to think about in ‘Getting Ready to Shoot,’ including:

– Lights & Darks

– Working with colour

– Texture & Structure

– Neckline

It’s all rounded off with a set of Dos and Don’ts.

More broadly, my ‘Take Control of Your Headshots‘ series, aims to give actors the tools, techniques, insights, & tactics to take control of their next headshot session, before, during & after the shoot.

Hope you find it useful, and thanks for watching!

MW 14 09 2017

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