Nov 22

Cold Water Swimmers Wanted at Brockwell Lido this Sunday 26th November

Calling all the cold water swimmers at Brockwell Lido for ‘Before & After Swim’ Portraits by the pool, this Sunday 26th November 7.45am-12.15pm (with kind permission of Fusion).

The Lido on a frosty, sunny winter’s morning.

Peter Bradley, being a willing test subject



I’m a long-time swimmer in and lover of Brockwell Lido – some 10 years – and just about to endure, sorry, enjoy, my second Winter season.

Me, clothed and without goggles or hat, for recognition purposes.

I’m also a photographer, and I’ve decided to unite my passions with a personal series of before-and-after shots of the Lido’s cold-water swimmers, this Sunday 22nd November, with kind permission of Lee White and the team at the Lido / Fusion.


I want to shoot portraits of the diverse community of swimmers prepped for their swim, and then red/goosebumped and tingling afterwards, to share the apprehension, terror, numbing endurance, joy, exhilaration and release of an icy dip. 

So come along if you’re a Lido regular and free: in your Speedos or swimsuit, wetsuit or snuggly towel, begoggled and behatted, or clutching a flask in flipflops, it would only take a few minutes before and after your Sunday swim.
Just wave at me on the poolside for your portrait.

Where: next to the pool, Brockwell Lido, before and after your swim.

When: Sunday 26th November 2017, 7.45am-12pm.
Duration: 2-3 mins either side of your swim.
Do I need to book a slot? No, just wave at Michael.
Is this for commercial use? No, it’s a personal project.

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