Thanks for visiting my blog and wanting to know a little more about me. In brief: I’m a London-based photographer and arts journalist.

Michael Wharley Photography

Me with studio assistants Biggles and Patch

Photography is my passion and how I make my living: I specialise inentertainment industry photography: so actors’ headshots, key art for film posters, theatre poster images, production shots, and all manner of commissions for the creative industries. Anything from publicity shots for theatre shows, to red carpet events for film distribution companies, to gig reportage for comedians or music acts.

I’m also a Licentiate of the British Institute of Professional Photography, which means my work has been scrutinised by the Institute and recognised as being of a highly professional standard. This means I abide by the Institute’s Code of Professional Conduct, and get to put the letters LBIPP after my name.

You’ll find everything to do with my photographic work here or by visiting www.michaelwharley.com.

I write pieces on the arts freelance, and have been published in national papers like The Stage, as well as in a variety of other print and web publications, including Fourthwall Magazine and Arts Oracle.

I also lead ‘Take Control of Your Headshot‘ and ‘Marketing Yourself Online’ seminars at industry events like Surviving Actors and Perform 2012, as well as for a range of drama schools including R.A.D.A.

And I’ve worked as a The Stage ‘How To’ Expert, helping deliver a series of expert-led, professional development sessions for actors, both on headshots and marketing yourself online.

MICHAEL-WHARLEY-HEADSHOT-PHOTOGRAPHYThat’s the official cv, but why do I write this blog? Well, I was a theatre actor for six years, and when not in shows in London or further afield, I worked as a writer, editor and managing editor for a publishing company, writing a whole lot and launching a new web-only book for a US audience.

So, I’ve got a specific interest and experience in the point where the arts – be they theatre-, film-, tv-, music- or photography-related – intersect with technology. This is a space to share such thoughts with the wider world, and perhaps publish a few of my favourite photos too, for light relief.

Hope you enjoy and don’t hesitate to get in touch: I’m always glad of feedback. Thanks, MW