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Jan 06

Words & Faces: how your brief changes your headshots

Two very different clients on the same morning reveal some headshot insights: exactly how an actor’s brief, needs and ideas mesh with a photographer’s eye and skills to take you both to new places.

Nov 17

What Makes a Good Headshot? Helping actors take control

Every actor understands the value of good headshot, but what makes a great casting portrait, how are headshots changing, & how can you make your portfolio stand out in the modern casting environment?

Sep 30

Casting Director Survey 2014 Pt 1: What future for Headshots?

Following up my The Stage piece, exploring the Casting Directors Guild survey stats, to understand the headshot’s place in 2014 and beyond.

Sep 18

Still in the Picture: Do headshots have a future?

Headshots have been a staple of casting for nearly a century. But for how much longer? Analysing the results of a new survey of Casting Directors Guild members, to explore how online casting is changing the way actors are assessed, in a new The Stage piece.

Jun 04

Can We Achieve True Diversity on our Theatre Stages?

Exploring how casting processes align with discrimination laws and modern attitudes to diversity, through speaking with The National Theatre and the Arts Council, and wondering if it is time for greater transparency…

May 23

Can there be true Equality in Casting?

As Equity challenges the BBC to widen access to its casting breakdowns, resharing my two-part piece from The Stage, exploring how contemporary attitudes towards equal opportunities square with UK theatre casting processes and employment law.

Aug 15

Spotlight on… head and body shots for actor Sam Smith

Creating a new head & body shot portfolio for actor Sam Smith of Waterloo Road and Vikings, and asking, does a modern actors portfolio need full or 3/4 length shots?

Jun 21

Just how Equal are Opportunities in theatre casting?

Looking at how Equal Opportunities law impacts on theatre casting in a two-part feature for The Stage. Is it time for more transparency on diversity?

Feb 15

Spotlight on… headshots for actress Katherine Press

Spotlight on…creating a new headshot portfolio for Katherine Press, currently appearing in Poliakoff’s ‘Dancing on the Edge’ on BBC 1.

Jan 18

21st Century Casting: 15 minutes with…Casting Networks UK

Last in my series of of interviews looking at casting technologies in the 21st Century, I speak to Casting Networks: BIG in the States, BIG on ambition in the UK and with the resources and advanced software to back itself.

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