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Jun 26

Advocating Better Headshot Prep for Kelle Bryan & AA

Popping up with some headshot prep advice for actors in Kelle Bryan’s Advocate Agency quarterly magazine…

Jan 30

‘Act like an Agent, Think like a Casting Director’ at Surviving Actors 2017

Getting some key insights from experienced Casting Directors & Agents in a special seminar, plus free Headshot Healthchecks, discounts & prizes to be won at this annual actor-fest.

Nov 17

What Makes a Good Headshot? Helping actors take control

Every actor understands the value of good headshot, but what makes a great casting portrait, how are headshots changing, & how can you make your portfolio stand out in the modern casting environment?

Oct 16

Casting Director Survey 2014 Pt 2: Is Video King?

Will video kill the headshot? Following up my The Stage piece, exploring the Casting Directors Guild survey stats, to understand the audio & video content’s place in 2014 and beyond.

Nov 21

Win a £600+ headshot makeover with CCP and me

Getting in the festive spirit: teaming up with Casting Call Pro to offer a total promotional portfolio overhaul for one lucky member in December.

Nov 11

Full colour, full page in Contacts 2014

The Industry Bible – otherwise known as Contacts 2014 is now out – and I’ve gone full colour, full page again in my new actors headshots ad.

Sep 10

Free Headshot Healthchecks & Win a Session at Actor Expo 2013

Old friends, new faces, headshot healthchecks & a headshot prize draw: getting ready to exhibit at Actor Expo 2013.

Aug 15

Spotlight on… head and body shots for actor Sam Smith

Creating a new head & body shot portfolio for actor Sam Smith of Waterloo Road and Vikings, and asking, does a modern actors portfolio need full or 3/4 length shots?

Jun 05

High-Fashion, High-Art & more… Makespace Studios throws open its doors…

From high art to high fashion, via animation, film, web design and photography, this weekend, seventy-five talented creatives (plus me) are throwing open their studio doors at Makespace Studios in Waterloo.

Feb 04

Free Headshot Healthchecks at Surviving Actors…

Looking forward to Surviving Actors 2013, with its “develop, sustain, create” ethos. I’ll be running a Headshots seminar, as well as offering free Headshot Healthchecks, session discounts and a win-a-headshot-session prize draw.

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