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May 15

Globe Theatre Exhibit: ‘Nell Gwynn, The Attitudes & The Art of Acting’

Showing shots from The Attitudes in a special exhibit The Globe Theatre to support Acting for Others, coinciding with the return of Nell Gwynn.

Mar 11

From Dusk ’til Lawn: location lighting saves Sense & Sensibility

Getting close to nature & slightly too close to sunset for comfort on a poster image location shoot for the Watermill Theatre’s Sense & Sensibility

Oct 25

It’s a Lot: making a movie poster

From concept to keyart: making a movie poster for UK comedy It’s a Lot, starring Femi Oyeniran, Jazzie Zonzolo, Red Madrell and more, in cinemas this Friday.

Oct 26

How Much ‘Me’ in Social Media?

How much me should there be in social media? Michael Wharley looks at how actors can mine their own experience to get the tricky personal-professional balance right online.

Sep 13

Over the Luna for Grease at Kew – Press and PR photography

Bidding summer farewell with an evening’s press, PR and event photography for The Luna Cinema at Kew Gardens. And definitely not singing along to ‘Oh Sandy’. Definitely not…