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Jun 01

How to Pose for Actors Headshots: 9 Pro Tips

Lose your fear of the stills camera with these 9 tips for posing like a pro in your next headshot session, by Michael Wharley

Jul 28

Help us Alec Guinness, you’re our only hope…

Making the tiniest of contributions to Obi Wan’s legacy of working with young talent, at the Sir Alec Guinness Memorial Award 2014. In the dim and distant past when I was an actor, one of my heroes was the then-still-going-strong Sir Alec Guinness, whose films – from the Lavender Hill Mob, to Kind Hearts and Coronets, to Bridge on …

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Aug 27

Marketing Yourself Online Seminar

Slight self-promotion alert! Article from The Stage on the upcoming ‘Marketing Yourself Online’ seminar I’m running as one of The Stage Events’ actors’ professional development workshops.

Aug 05

Back at the Fringe to put headshots centre stage

I’m heading back up to the Fringe for the first time in a decade to run ‘Take Control of Your Headshots’ seminars for The Stage Events at Edinburgh Fringe 2012.

Jul 06

Winning with The Stage, & a great time at the ISDF

A lovely feature in The Stage on Sarah Rorbach, winner of the headshot competition won by the paper (and me) back in Feb. Plus looking back to the ISDF, forward to Ed Fringe, and a nice mention for me too.

Jun 26

Off to the ISDF with The Stage Events

Rolling back the years at the wonderful ISDF, where I’ll be running ‘Take Control of Your Headshots’ and ‘Market Yourself Online’ seminars for emerging actors with the Stage Events this week.

May 11

Take Control of Your Headshots Seminar

How can actors take more control of their headshots? I’ve been down to Brighton Fringe 2012 with The Stage Events to (try and) answer just that…

Nov 02

Makeup and Photoshop for ‘No Makeup’ Look

Taking a look at makeup and photoshop for a ‘No Makeup’ look, as seen in campaigns for companies like Nivea or Dove.