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Jun 12

Explore an A-Z of Artistic Talent at Make Space Open Studios 2014

This weekend, over 60 artists (and me) will be throwing open their studio doors and unpacking their creative processes at my bustling and vibrant working home of Make Space Studios in Waterloo.

Aug 23

Theatre Poster Shot for …And this is My Friend My Laurel

Looking at creating a striking promo image echoing Laurel & Hardy, for TV and stage veteran Jeffrey Holland.

Jun 05

High-Fashion, High-Art & more… Makespace Studios throws open its doors…

From high art to high fashion, via animation, film, web design and photography, this weekend, seventy-five talented creatives (plus me) are throwing open their studio doors at Makespace Studios in Waterloo.

Jul 06

Winning with The Stage, & a great time at the ISDF

A lovely feature in The Stage on Sarah Rorbach, winner of the headshot competition won by the paper (and me) back in Feb. Plus looking back to the ISDF, forward to Ed Fringe, and a nice mention for me too.

Jun 26

Off to the ISDF with The Stage Events

Rolling back the years at the wonderful ISDF, where I’ll be running ‘Take Control of Your Headshots’ and ‘Market Yourself Online’ seminars for emerging actors with the Stage Events this week.

Jun 03

Comparing London headshot photographers – how much should you pay?

Actors Headshots can cost anywhere from £50 to over £500, but how much should you pay, and what’s the difference anyway? Plus: Casting Call Pro headshot survey and the most expensive shoot in London!

Mar 07

Best Faces Forward – survey on Actors Headshots in 2011

Headshots are a decades-old casting tool, but how are they being used in 2011? A survey of 1000 actors with Casting Call Pro shows: Colour overtaking B&W, E-Copy defeating Hardcopy and the Online Portfolio dealing a death blow to the ‘Killer Shot.’

Jan 12

The Future of Casting…

Excerpts from my Arts Oracle piece on the future of casting, featuring interviews with casting directors Jeremy Zimmerman (film), Alastair Coomer (National Theatre) & Liz Stoll (BBC).

Jan 10

Resolution and resolve

The astonishing work of unknown-in-her-lifetime Chicago street photographer Vivian Maier, and her accidental champion, John Maloof. Plus resolutions.

Oct 19

The Evils of Touching Up

Photo manipulation has become a byword for pretence, seen as underpinning the worst excesses of the fashion industry – but is this fair, do you need your photos touched up and just how far should you go?

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