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Jan 31

‘Me or Who I Can Be?’ Challenging Typecasting Seminar at Surviving Actors 2018

Exploring the challenge of working with and confronting typecasting in a special seminar, plus free Headshot Healthchecks, discounts & theatre vouchers up for grabs Surviving Actors 2018.

Jan 30

‘Act like an Agent, Think like a Casting Director’ at Surviving Actors 2017

Getting some key insights from experienced Casting Directors & Agents in a special seminar, plus free Headshot Healthchecks, discounts & prizes to be won at this annual actor-fest.

Jan 06

Words & Faces: how your brief changes your headshots

Two very different clients on the same morning reveal some headshot insights: exactly how an actor’s brief, needs and ideas mesh with a photographer’s eye and skills to take you both to new places.

Jun 07

People, Faces, Castings; spreading some new-job joy

Explaining why the ‘getting to know you’ of a headshot session makes friends of clients, and celebrating some their recent casting successes.

Feb 01

Think Like a Casting Director at Surviving Actors 2016

Learn to Think Like a Casting Director in my special seminar, plus prizes, freebies and much more, at Surviving Actors 2016…

Jul 15

Choosing a Headshot Photographer; what should actors consider?

Looking at the factors at play when you’re choosing your next headshot photographer, in the new episode of my ‘Take Control of Your Headshots’ series.

Mar 24

8 Steps to Better Headshots: prep tips for your session

Looking at how to prepare to make the most of your next headshot shoot in the new episode of my ‘Take Control of Your Headshots’ series.

Feb 04

The future of the headshot, free healthchecks & freebies galore at Surviving Actors 2015

I’m sponsoring Surving Actors 2015, so drop by the stand or seminar for cutting edge insights, free headshot healthchecks, plus discounts & freebies all round

Nov 17

What Makes a Good Headshot? Helping actors take control

Every actor understands the value of good headshot, but what makes a great casting portrait, how are headshots changing, & how can you make your portfolio stand out in the modern casting environment?

Oct 26

Take Control of Your Headshots: new video series

Like a trip to the hairdresser, not the dentist…: a new series of videos giving actors the tools, techniques & insights to take control of their next headshot session, before during & after the shoot.

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