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Jun 26

Advocating Better Headshot Prep for Kelle Bryan & AA

Popping up with some headshot prep advice for actors in Kelle Bryan’s Advocate Agency quarterly magazine…

Feb 10

We Survived Actors, did you….

Having a headshots-casting-director-seminar-prize-draw-discount-voucher-sweet-fuelled blast at Surviving Actors 2017…..

Jan 06

Words & Faces: how your brief changes your headshots

Two very different clients on the same morning reveal some headshot insights: exactly how an actor’s brief, needs and ideas mesh with a photographer’s eye and skills to take you both to new places.

Nov 17

What Makes a Good Headshot? Helping actors take control

Every actor understands the value of good headshot, but what makes a great casting portrait, how are headshots changing, & how can you make your portfolio stand out in the modern casting environment?

Oct 16

Casting Director Survey 2014 Pt 2: Is Video King?

Will video kill the headshot? Following up my The Stage piece, exploring the Casting Directors Guild survey stats, to understand the audio & video content’s place in 2014 and beyond.

Mar 11

From Dusk ’til Lawn: location lighting saves Sense & Sensibility

Getting close to nature & slightly too close to sunset for comfort on a poster image location shoot for the Watermill Theatre’s Sense & Sensibility

Sep 10

Free Headshot Healthchecks & Win a Session at Actor Expo 2013

Old friends, new faces, headshot healthchecks & a headshot prize draw: getting ready to exhibit at Actor Expo 2013.

Jan 18

21st Century Casting: 15 minutes with…Casting Networks UK

Last in my series of of interviews looking at casting technologies in the 21st Century, I speak to Casting Networks: BIG in the States, BIG on ambition in the UK and with the resources and advanced software to back itself.

Nov 30

21st Century Casting: 15 minutes with…Casting Call Pro

Continuing a series of interviews surveying casting in the 21st Century, I speak to Casting Call Pro, who put power in the hands of actors.

Nov 16

21st Century Casting: 15 minutes with…The Page

In the first in a series of interviews looking at casting in the 21st Century, I speak to The Page, one of the UK’s newest casting service providers.

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