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Nov 27

Do You Need 3D? Headshots spun the CCP way…

Getting in a spin over 3D headshots and wondering who benefits most from the revolutions?

Jan 31

Photography Business Growth in 2013? Photoshelter surveys the scene…

Sharing the fruits of Photoshelter’s excellent survey of the photography market, and wondering if it really will be such a sunny 2013 for photographers.

Dec 07

21st Century Casting: 15 minutes with…Star Now

Next in my series of interviews surveying casting in the 21st Century, I speak to StarNow, packing some real punch with over 2 million members worldwide….

Nov 30

21st Century Casting: 15 minutes with…Casting Call Pro

Continuing a series of interviews surveying casting in the 21st Century, I speak to Casting Call Pro, who put power in the hands of actors.

Nov 16

21st Century Casting: 15 minutes with…The Page

In the first in a series of interviews looking at casting in the 21st Century, I speak to The Page, one of the UK’s newest casting service providers.

Sep 14

How Do You Stand Out Online? Digital marketing for actors

I’l soon be helping actors to harness the power of digital media marketing with a “Marketing Yourself Online” seminar for The Stage Events. Including a special 10% off code for blog readers…

Aug 27

Marketing Yourself Online Seminar

Slight self-promotion alert! Article from The Stage on the upcoming ‘Marketing Yourself Online’ seminar I’m running as one of The Stage Events’ actors’ professional development workshops.

Jul 06

Winning with The Stage, & a great time at the ISDF

A lovely feature in The Stage on Sarah Rorbach, winner of the headshot competition won by the paper (and me) back in Feb. Plus looking back to the ISDF, forward to Ed Fringe, and a nice mention for me too.

Jun 08

Do Your Headshots Shine Online?

Use the wrong version of your headshot online and it can appear, blurred, faded and lose vital ‘impact factor’: Michael Wharley on making sure your portfolio shines online. Plus tips on maximising your headshot portfolios on Spotlight, CCP, CNI UK and The Page UK.

May 11

Take Control of Your Headshots Seminar

How can actors take more control of their headshots? I’ve been down to Brighton Fringe 2012 with The Stage Events to (try and) answer just that…

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